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Kindergarten-3rd Grade
Cambridge Primary
Our early years program provides a welcoming and inviting atmosphere to ease the transition of our youngest learners into a formal school setting. Our program offers:
  • Cambridge Primary curriculum
  • individualized attention and learning plans
  • small class size
  • a blend of learning and fun designed to make children into lifelong learners
  • daily outdoor learning and play for exploration, discovery and inquiry
Exploring ice caves
Fluffy slime
Outdoor adventure
Science lab
beach day
Ferrofluid and Magnets
Recycling Project
Recycling Project
Morning Routine
Project Time
Costume Day
Outdoor Education
Learning Electronics
Whale Museum
Whale Museum
Violin Concert
Supervising the Playground
Teamwork in Math
Celebrating Birthdays and Friendship
Outdoor Play
Peer Buddies Program with Grades 3-4
Working Together
Making Flowers
Growing Plants
Base 10 Blocks in Math
Learning About Ecosystems
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